1. To become a member of vREINWORELD.com you must be a member in good standing of the NRHA and have a valid non-pro membership card.

  2. Membership is open to non-pros from anywhere in the world.

  3. Non-Pro’s must complete a membership application and pay the annual Membership fee.

  4. Annual Membership Fee - $20.00

  5. To compete, a horse must be registered with vREINWORELD.com.

    1. vReinworld competitions are open to all breeds (Quarter Horse, Paints, Appalossa, etc.) The horse must have a valid registration certificate showing the current owner of the horse.

    2. The registration must be in the name of the non-pro member, or the non-pro member’s equestrian business.

  6. A Horse Registration Application must be completed and a one-time Registration Fee paid.

  7. Horse Registration Fee - $10.00

Membership Restrictions

The following non-pros are not eligible to become members of vREINWORLD and compete:

  1. Non-pro’s that have earned in excess of $1 Million in lifetime NRHA Earnings

  2. Non-pros that are a direct family member (spouses & immediate family members) of a Trainer or NRHA professional

  3. Non-pros that are affiliated persons or employees of vREINWORLD or its parent company Silver Spurs Equine.

Competition Levels

vREINWORLD wants all non-pro competitions to be as fair as possible. Therefore, there will be 10 levels of non-pro’s:

To determine level eligibility, each year members must provide proof of NRHA lifetime earnings as of December 31st of the year preceding membership. After the first year of competition in addition to NRHA lifetime earnings, annual vREINWORLD earnings will be added to determine level eligibility


  1. Each month an NRHA Pattern will be selected for each level

  2. Each month a Competition Category will be selected. Every month there will always be a Category 4 (Non-Pro Open). However, in some months there may be more than 1 Competition Category.

  3. Eligible riders in each level shall have 1 month to upload a video of themselves executing that pattern in each Competition Category entered and pay their entry fee/s which will range from $150 to $250.

  4. The judge or judges for that level will be announced with the pattern to be executed.

  5. The Competition  will close at 12:00 Noon on the last day of the month. All entries must be submitted prior to the close of the competition, no extensions.

  6. There must be a minimum of 10 entries in a Level in order for judging for that Level to take place. If the 10 entry minimum is not achieved that competition and Judge will be carried over to the next month until a minimum of 10 entries are received.

Competition Categories

  1. Category 1: Aged Event, Futurity, limited to horses 3 years of age.

  2. Category 2: Aged Event, 4-Year-Old Futurity, Limited to horses 4 years of age.

  3. Category 3: Aged Event, Derby, Limited to horses 4 through 7 years of age.

  4. Category 4: Open, For all horses 4 years old and up.

Entering a Competition

  1. To enter a Competition, you must have a valid vREINWORLD membership number and a registration number for your horse.

  2. A Competition entry form must be submitted to vREINWORLD and paid with a credit card.

  3. A You-Tube link to the video of your entry must be submitted with your entry form via email to office@vreinworld.com. No thumb drive or any other media will be accepted. 

  4.  A maximum of three (3) horses per rider will be permitted in any competition level. All horses must be registered with vREINWORLD.

  5. Once an entry is submitted and paid for that entry is final. There are no refunds. 

Video Submission

  1. Video’s must be recorded from the center of the arena and from the left side of the arena (where the judge would usually sit).

  2. All video’s must be raw videos without any edits, sound effects, or enhancements of any kind.

  3. Any video that has, in the opinion of the Judge/s, been altered or enhanced in any way will automatically be scored a zero.

  4. If, due to poor lighting, or the angle from which the video was taken, or any other impediment that will make it difficult for a judge to score a maneuver, that maneuver will be scored a minus ½.

  5. Only one (1) run per horse will be accepted for each competition level.

  6. Competitors can only compete in the level they qualify for based upon earnings.

  7. Video’s must be converted to You-Tube and be for public sharing.

  8. All videos submitted for each competition will be available for public viewing on the website.


  1. Judging will be done in accordance with NRHA judging rules.

  2. Judges will be selected from NRHA Level 4 Open riders, NRHA Professionals, or NRHA Judges.

  3. Judges for each Class will be announced when the NRHA pattern for that class is announced.

  4. For Classes 1 through 4 there will be one (1) judge for each class. For classes 5 through 7 there will be two (2) judges for each class, and for classes 8 through 10 there will be three (3) judges for each class.

  5. Judges will have 15 days after the class closes to submit their Judges Cards for winners to be announced.

  6. All Judges cards for each class will be available for public viewing on the website.

  7. Judges decisions are final there is no appeal or challenge process.


  1. Payouts will be determined based upon the number of entries in each level.

    • For levels that have less than 100 entries the Payout will go to the top ten entries (including ties) For example, the Payout for a Level that has a $150 entry fee and 45 entries would be as follows: Champion - 30% of the purse or $1,087, Reserve Champion - 25% of Purse or 906, 3rd place - 18% of Purse or $652. The remaining 7 places would equally share the remaining 30% of the purse or $140 each.

    • For levels that have more than 100 entries the payout will equal 10% of the number of entries. For example for a level that has 125 entries with a $200 entry fee the payout would go to the top 13 entries (including ties): Champion - 30% of the purse or $4,003, Reserve Champion - 25% of Purse or 3,336, 3rd place - 18% of Purse or $2,402. The remaining 10 places would equally share the remaining 30% of the purse or $360 each.

  2. Payout Schedule: Total Entry Fees - direct administration expenses (which, depending on the number of Judges will range from $35 to $60 per entry - 30% retention = Purse

  3. The payout percentages of the Purse are fixed for Champion (30%), Reserve Champion (25%) and 3rd place (18). The payout for the remaining place finishers will be equally divided from the remaining purse.

Year-End Awards

At the end of each calendar year there will be awards for the top place finisher's in each class for each competition category.